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Run market analysisUncover narrow and still free nishesAdjust your go-to-market and sales strategyFind investors
See what’s your competitors up toFind new use casesSee how you compare against your funded rivalsDiscover targets to partner with


Find new ideas to invest into by digging into what’s being researched in science and what’s patentedFollow the trends and emerging technologies by tapping into clinical trialsSee where other investors put their capitalExplore outcomes of multiple case studies by technology or use case to extend your knowledge


Dig into new potential products ideasFollow innovative startups from the beginningInspire your internal venture studios and acceleratorsDiscover targets for corporate M&AUncover what technologies your competitors tap into

Use cases

Market research and analysisCompetitive intelligenceTechnology exploration and scoutingIdeas validation and research

InsightHack provides data on every stage of technology’s existence cycle, starting from scientific research and patents, ending up in startups and enterprises. Organizations all over the world can use InsightHack to track that cycle to make better and more informed decisions

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