Sweep through thousands of topics and discover pre-defined critical data behind it: companies, trends and clinical trials, patents and science, use cases and case studies, and social media data

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Dig into multiple sources of information, aggregated into tables with numerous parameters. Export the table in .csv format in case you need it for further research

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Data Extraction Tools

Fully custom-based data extraction tools. Social media, search engines (Google and Bing), news outlets, public datasets. Feel free to reach out.

Market Research Automation (under construction)

Our proprietary algorithm is being prepared right now. We are looking to partner with management consulting, market research and data analytics companies to strengthen the future pipeline.


5 852 607 companies
startups, companies and non-profit
7 082 012 patents
covering mostly US patents
14 836 trends
across 10k topics
204 074 600 science papers
our biggest dataset so far
well, we did our best, so go easy on us, please
1 230 408 use cases
tons of new ideas might be discovered
see how the best innovation and tech is being validated
773 708 case studies
we’ve gone through a lot of websites to collect this
75 928 045 influencers
millions more coming soon
10 146 topics
this is just a test dataset and we’re aiming for at least 10 000 000 topics