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How it works

Search topics: 32 000+ topics are available for now
Explore the summary: filtered data, so go to the point 3 at your own speed
Dive into datasets: we collect and show data from multiple sources
Export into CSV: ready to import into 3rd party tools


Multiple datasetsAdvanced search (AND, OR, “double quotes” operators, lemmatization)Lightning fast searchExport in .csv (limited to 1000 rows)
Unlimited searches
for any existing data
Data structured into pre-defined topicsOpportunity to get into
whitelist for premium functionality
Custom features for enterprise

Our datasets

The numbers speak of themselves and this is just a part of what we collect, analyze and showcase

Please note, that at this point of time we did our best to collect data. The updates coming soon and it’s going to be real-time

Featured topics

Machine learningVirtual realityMedical technology

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