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1,2,3-triazole derivative and insecticide and acaricide containing said derivative as active ingredient
The present invention provides a 1,2,3-triazole derivative and an insecticide or acaricide containing the 1,2,3-triazole derivative as an active ingredient.
Hidekatsu Hiroki, Miwa Onoue, Yuta Kobayashi, Shinji Onoue, Asako Okimoto, Jun Suzuki, Katsuhiko Iwasaki, Hayato Doi, Eiko Matsuo, Akihito Ootaka
11 047 027
1500 MPA-grade steel with high product of strength and elongation for vehicles and manufacturing methods therefor
Provided are a 1500 MPa-grade steel with a high product of strength and elongation for vehicles and a manufacturing method thereof. The mass percentages of the chemical elements thereof are: 0.1-0.3% of C, 0.1-2.0% of Si, 7.5-12% of Mn, 0.01-2.0% of Al, and the balance of iron and other inevitable impurities. The microstructure of the steel with a high product of strength and elongation for vehicles is austenite+martensite+ferrite or austenite+martensite. The steel for vehicles can reach a grade of 1500 MPa, and has a product of strength and elongation of no less than 30 GPa %.
Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
Yulong Zhang, Li Wang, Qihang Han
11 046 662
2-aryl-4-hydroxy-1,3-thiazole derivatives useful as TRPM8-inhibitors in treatment of neuralgia, pain, COPD and asthma
The invention relates to compounds acting as selective antagonists of Transient Receptor Potential cation channel subfamily M member 8 (TRPM8), and having formula (I).The compounds of the invention are useful in the treatment of diseases associated with activity of TRPM8 such as pain, inflammation, ischaemia, neurodegeneration, stroke, psychiatric disorders, itch, irritable bowel diseases, cold induced and/or exacerbated respiratory disorders and urological disorders.
Laura Brandolini, Samuele Lillini, Andrea Aramini, Giuseppe Nano, Andrea Beccari, Gianluca Bianchini
11 046 922
2-in-1 unit dose providing softening and detergency
Provided herein are 2-in-1 unit doses for treating fabrics. The 2-in-1 unit doses include a polyester receptacle coated with a softening agent, and a fabric cleaning agent disposed within the polyester receptacle. The polyester receptacle includes a plurality of pores permeable to liquid such that polyester receptacle allows liquid to diffuse into the cavity through the pores and dissolve the fabric cleaning agent. The 2-in-1 unit doses provide both softening and detergency to fabrics through a wash cycle in a washing machine and a heated dry cycle in a dryer.
Henkel IP & Holding GmbH
Holly Ann Robillard, Daniel Thomas Piorkowski
11 046 691
2-oxoquinazoline derivatives as methionine adenosyltransferase 2A inhibitors
Disclosed herein are certain 2-oxoquinazoline derivatives of Formula (IA): that are methionine adenosyltransferase 2A (MAT2A) inhibitors. Also disclosed are pharmaceutical compositions comprising such compounds and methods of treating diseases treatable by inhibition of MAT2A such as cancer, including cancers characterized by reduced or absence of methylthioadenosine phosphorylase (MTAP) activity.
Richard Steel, John E. Knox, Zachary E. R. Newby, Muzaffar Alam, Zhonghua Pei, Leah Cleary, Melissa Fleury, James Sutton
11 046 714
2,2-difluorodioxolo A2A receptor antagonists
The present invention is directed to 2,2-difluorodioxolo compounds that are antagonists of A2A receptor. The present invention is also directed to uses of the 2,2-difluorodioxolo compounds described herein in the potential treatment or prevention of neurological disorders and diseases in which A2A receptor are involved. The present invention is also directed to pharmaceutical compositions comprising these compounds and to uses of these pharmaceutical compositions in the prevention or treatment of such diseases in which A2A receptors are involved.
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.
Michael Man-Chu Lo, Andrew Stamford, Paul Tempest, Heping Wu, Gioconda V. Gallo, Yeon-Hee Lim, Manuel de Lera Ruiz, Ali Amjad, Timothy J. Henderson, Brent Whitehead, Edward Metzger, Rongze Kuang
11 045 449
3-(5-fluoroindolyl)-4-arylmaleimide compounds and their use in tumor treatment
The present invention relates to 3-(5-fluoroindolyl)-4-arylmaleimide compounds and pharmaceutical compositions containing them. The compounds of the present invention are protein kinases (GSK-3beta, VEGFR-2 and FLT-3) with antineoplastic activity. They can therefore be used for the treatment or prevention of tumors, in particular solid tumors.
Markus Möhler, Christopher Ganser, Gerd Dannhardt, Annett Maderer, Eva Lauermann, René Mönnikes
11 049 608
3D augmented reality document interaction
Systems and methods are presented for facilitating client reading and understanding of a billing statement. A client computing device includes a memory and a processor and a first set of computer instructions is stored in the memory of the client computing device and is executed by the processor of the client computing device. The computer instructions perform the steps of: receiving an electronic billing statement; identifying and highlighting select sections of the bill; launching a three-dimensional (3D) character; interposing the 3D character atop the electronic billing statement; and presenting a script via the 3D character, to the client, upon selection of a highlighted section. The script provides an explanation of the highlighted section and may be predefined or generated by artificial intelligence.
H&R Accounts, Inc.
Pete Hamlin, Olivier Witteveen, Jayson Yardley, Christine Hanson-Ehlinger
11 045 990
3D pen
The present invention relates to a three-dimensional (3D) pen with a novel structure which enables filaments having various colors to be easily selected and used. According to the 3D pen according to the present invention, a user laterally rotates the adjustment lever (25) to allow the driving motor (24) to be connected to different transfer rollers (22), thereby selectively transferring and discharging a plurality of different filaments (1) forward. Therefore, the 3D pen has a very simple structure and has an advantage in that the filaments (1) having various colors can be easily selected to manufacture objects having various colors.
Chang Hwan Lee
11 048 829
3D printing systems and methods for fabricating injection molds
Injection molds can be fabricated using 3D printing technology. An inverse computer aided design (“CAD”) file may be generated based upon a visualization file that represents a 3D object. The inverse CAD file can then be altered based upon various parameters associated with the 3D object. One or more injection molds can be fabricated using a 3D printer based on the altered inverse CAD file.
Kemeera LLC
Richard Stump
11 045 589
4% trisodium citrate solution for use as a catheter lock solution
Provided herein are catheter lock solutions having anticoagulation and antimicrobial properties, the catheter lock solutions including citrate salts. The citrate salt can be trisodium citrate, and the catheter lock solution can further include a diluted acid for adjusting the pH of the catheter lock solution.
Becton, Dickinson and Company
Suzanne Ferreri, Roza Mahmoodian
11 046 957
AAV treatment of Huntington's disease
Aspects of the disclosure relate to compositions and methods useful for treating Huntington's disease. In some embodiments, the disclosure provides interfering nucleic acids (e.g., artificial miRNAs) targeting the huntingtin gene (HTT) and methods of treating Huntington's disease using the same.
University of Massachusetts
Neil Aronin, Christian Mueller, Edith L. Pfister
11 047 922
Abnormality detection device
In a bridge circuit, a series circuit in which a first resistor and a second resistor are connected in series and the second resistor and a fourth resistor are connected in series is formed. In the bridge circuit, the series circuit is connected to a load portion in parallel, one end of a fifth resistor is connected between the second resistor and the fourth resistor, and the other end of the fifth resistor is connected between the first resistor and the load portion. In the bridge circuit, a voltage supply unit is connected between the first resistor and the second resistor. A controller detects an abnormality of the load portion based on a detection voltage of the bridge circuit detected by applying a voltage from the voltage supply unit with a switch turned off. With this configuration, an abnormality detection device can detect abnormality while suppressing an increase in size.
Eiichiro Oishi, Mitsuaki Morimoto
11 048 227
Abnormality detection device of machine tool
Provided is an abnormality detection device with which an abnormality of a machining state of a machine tool can be detected based on information on a section where machining is actually performed in machine tool-based machining. The abnormality detection device detects an abnormality of a machining state of a machine tool machining a workpiece with a tool. The machine tool includes a determination unit determining the machining state by using information related to an actual cutting section in the tool-based machining of the workpiece in the machine tool. The determination unit performs the machining state determination by using a deviation in position and length of a section recognized as the actual cutting section and a physical quantity in the actual cutting section acquired from the machine tool.
Junichi Takami, Yasuhiro Nakahama, Tetsushi Takahara, Shinji Okuda
11 047 768
Abnormality diagnosis device and abnormality diagnosis method
An abnormality diagnosis device according to the present invention detects damage to a bearing device based on vibration data on acceleration of the bearing device. The abnormality diagnosis device includes a first filter, a second filter, and a diagnosis unit. The first filter is configured to extract a first vibration waveform belonging to a frequency band from the vibration data. The second filter is configured to extract a second vibration waveform belonging to a second frequency band higher than the first frequency band from the vibration data. The diagnosis unit is configured to diagnose that there is damage to the bearing device when an evaluation value calculated by dividing a first amplitude of the vibration waveform by a second amplitude of a second vibration waveform at a time at which the first amplitude has occurred exceeds a determination value, the first amplitude exceeding a reference value.
Hideyuki Tsutsui, Kouma Katou, Masashi Kitai
11 051 100
Above and under the water speaker
A fully integrated, smart, under/over water speaker system has two dedicated transducers which deliver sound directly to underwater and above water environments. A transducer which is optimized to couple sound to the air is positioned on top of a speaker and another transducer optimized to couple sound below the water is located on the bottom of the speaker. The speaker is watertight and waterproof and is completely sealed and self-righting when thrown into the water. It is wireless, has built-in integrated amplification, communication sensors and signal data processing, and is battery powered. Music streaming can be provided via wireless methods such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, along with solid state storage. Integrated RGV lighting which beats to the music can be optional both above and under the water.
Harold M Zimmermann, Franco C D'Ascanio, Sean P Snowden, Franco L D'Ascanio
11 046 509
Above ground containment systems and methods for assembling same
A water containment apparatus includes a straight strut arrangement comprising a plurality of straight strut assemblies forming an alternating v-shape and inverted v-shape pattern; and a curved strut arrangement comprising a plurality of corner strut assemblies forming a desired curvature and connecting two straight strut arrangements to form a closed loop water containment system.
TETRA Technologies, Inc.
Yannick Harvey, Mark Ritchey, John Novotny, Dustin Downing, Robert Davis
11 045 422
Abuse resistant drugs, method of use and method of making
An abuse resistant oral pharmaceutical composition, comprising: a barrier layer, comprising a first polymer; a diffusion layer, comprising a second polymer, substantially covering the barrier layer, wherein the diffusion layer is bonded to the barrier layer and comprises a drug that is substantially homogeneously distributed within the second polymer and diffuses from the diffusion layer within the gastrointestinal (GI) tract; and optionally an expansion layer comprising an expandable polymer, wherein the expansion layer is substantially covered by the barrier layer. Methods of making the same and methods of using the same are also provided.
Ray Difalco, Manish S. Shah
11 050 352
AC-to-DC converter system
A converter system for converting a three-phase or a single-phase AC voltage into a DC voltage, wherein the converter system includes three converter branches, each converter branch including a first input and a second input to be supplied with a single-phase AC voltage and a first output and a second output providing a DC voltage; wherein each converter branch includes an AC-to-DC stage and a DC-to-DC stage, which are connected between the first and second input and the first and second output; wherein the converter system is configured for interconnecting the first input of each converter branch with a phase of a three-phase grid and for interconnecting the first inputs of the converter branches with a phase of a single-phase grid; wherein the converter system is configured for interconnecting the second inputs, which are interconnected with each other, of the converter branches with a neutral point of the three-phase grid or the single-phase grid; and wherein the converter system includes one or more controllers adapted for controlling the converter branches independently from each other.
ABB Schweiz AG
Mauro Piazzesi, Filippo Chimento
11 050 199
AC adapter with tethered removable plug
An AC adapter having electronics for converting AC electricity to DC voltage is presented herein. The adapter includes an adapter housing, a plug and a built-in extension cord contained within a storage cavity defined by the adapter housing. The extension cord extends from the electronics to the plug. In a first engagement state the plug is mechanically engaged to the adapter housing such that the plug body completely covers the opening into the storage cavity, and the adapter housing and plug are a single structure that may be plugged directly into a wall outlet. In a second engagement state the plug is removed from the mechanical engagement with the adapter housing, and may be plugged into an outlet some distance from the adapter housing as limited by the length of the extension cord, which maintains electrical connection between the plug and the electronics within the adapter housing.
BBY Solutions, Inc.
Roger D Widner
11 048 660
Acceleration system for facilitating processing of API calls
One embodiment includes acceleration systems that operate as intermediaries between the API processing system and the clients to reduce API call roundtrip latencies. The acceleration systems are a network of interconnected systems that are distributed across the globe. A given acceleration system establishes a network connection with a given client and receives a request for processing an API call over the connection. The programming function associated with the API call is configured in the API processing system. The acceleration system facilitates the processing of the API call over an established connection with the API processing system.
Olivier Jean Poitrey
11 051 240
Access point and methods for communicating resource blocks with guided electromagnetic waves
In accordance with one or more embodiments, an access point includes a first communication interface that receives, first guided electromagnetic waves from a first waveguide system wherein the first guided electromagnetic waves convey a first plurality of resource blocks containing first data. A data switch selects first selected portions of the first data corresponding to a first subset of the first plurality of resource blocks for transmission to at least one communication device in proximity to the access point and select second selected portions of the first data corresponding to a second subset of the first plurality of resource blocks by omitting the first subset from the first plurality of resource blocks. A second communication interface generates second guided electromagnetic waves conveying the second selected portions of the first data to facilitate reuse of the first subset of the first plurality of resource blocks by a second waveguide system.
AT&T Intellectual Property I, L.P.
Giovanni Vannucci, Paul Shala Henry, Farhad Barzegar, Irwin Gerszberg, Peter Wolniansky
11 050 231
Access ports for electrical enclosures
Examples disclosed herein illustrate various implementations of access ports that are to be mounted to various types of electrical enclosures. In some implementations, the access ports are circular to provide ease of installation and to reduce the overall footprint of the access ports.
Panduit Corp.
David J. Sylvester
11 048 527
Accessing conflicting frameworks and classes
Methods and systems for accessing conflicting frameworks and classes are presented. In some embodiments, a conflicting frameworks computing platform may receive an application classloader corresponding to a mobile application. The application classloader may indicate one or more child application-defined classloaders. Subsequently, the conflicting frameworks computing platform may create a framework-defined classloader comprising a first class that conflicts with a second class in the one or more child application-defined classloaders. Further, the conflicting frameworks computing platform may create a framework-termination classloader. The framework-termination classloader may be a parent classloader of the framework-defined classloader. Next, the conflicting frameworks computing platform may replace, using a reflection function, the application classloader with a new application classloader. The new application classloader may indicate the one or more child application-defined classloaders, the framework-defined classloader, and the framework-termination classloader.
Citrix Systems, Inc.
James Robert Walker
11 050 189
Accessory connector for a radio
An accessory connector (102) and connector system (100) are provided. The accessory connector (102) comprises and edge tongue portion at one end and a thumb screw recess at the opposite end with a floating header therebetween. The edge tongue portion enables pivotal engagement of the accessory connector to a device interface. The floating header (110) has a perimeter alignment wall (112) surrounding a plurality of pogo pins (114) recessed therein. The floating header is movable in planar directions within the accessory connector prior to attachment of the connector to the radio connector interface (154). The x-y moveability allows for fine alignment of the pogo pins to corresponding contacts and loading of the pogo pins to the contacts in a z-direction.
Chun Wen Ooi, Jorge L Garcia, Kiok Yung Lee
11 049 389
Accident prevention device
Aspects provide a roadway management device having a processor configured to collect roadway attribute data associated with accidents within accident data and assign positive correlation values to roadway attributes that match the accident data. Aspects cluster subsets of the accidents that share common values of subset of the roadway attributes assigned positive correlation values; select a corrective action to obviate a one of the clustered roadway attributes; determine whether implementation of the selected corrective action has reduced occurrences of accidents matching common accident data of the clustered accidents on a relevant roadway; and increase a selection weighting value of the selected corrective action in response to determining that implementation has reduced accident occurrences. The selection weighting value is used to bias selection for implementation to obviate a roadway attributes with respect to other clustered accidents.
International Business Machines Corporation
Hari H. Madduri, Cesar Augusto Rodriguez Bravo, Michael Starkey
11 047 399
Provided is an accumulator for easier maintenance of a metal bellows. The accumulator includes a housing having a shell provided with an opening portion and a disk-shaped base body to which one end of a metal bellows with an outside diameter smaller than the inside diameter of the opening portion is welded and fixed, the interior of the housing partitioned on the inside and outside of the metal bellows in a tightly closed manner, in which the base body is formed to have an outside diameter greater than the outside diameter of the metal bellows, and the base body is fixed detachably to the shell.
Tatsuhiro Arikawa
11 045 329
Acetabular template component and method of using same during hip arthrosplasty
A medical imaging device takes one or more images of the local anatomy of a patient undergoing a surgical procedure. A surface model generator receives the one or more images and generates a 3-D surface model of the patient's anatomy. A fabrication device utilizes the 3-D surface model to fabricate a template custom designed to match the surface of the patient's anatomy. Attached to the template is a directional guide vane. The fabrication device is configured to create a template and directional guide vane such that, when the template is fitted to the patient's anatomy, the directional guide vane points along a predefined orientation relative to the patient's anatomy. A physician uses the directional guide vane as a visual guide or cue for installing an implantable prosthetic component during a surgical procedure.
Stephen B. Murphy
11 045 442
Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors for treatment of dermatological conditions
Embodiments of the invention involve treating skin afflictions by the topical or oral use of acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. By effectively reducing or eliminating the population of Demodex mites in affected skin areas and areas where Demodex mites may exist, this treatment achieves a more complete remission of clinical signs and symptoms of the skin afflictions than any previously described method. Embodiments of the invention are useful for treating skin afflictions including common acne, seborrheic dermatitis, perioral dermatitis, an acneform rash, transient acantholytic dermatosis, acne necrotica milliaris, psoriasis, steroid induced dermatitis, primary irritation dermatitis and rosacea.
Attillaps Holdings
Frank Anthony Spallitta
11 045 775
Acid mixing system
A system for mixing a liquid with a powder into a solution batch includes a hopper (20) into which said powder is deposited, the hopper (20) having a powder outlet (22) therein. A mix tank (60) is also provided having a liquid supply inlet (62), a recirculation inlet (64), and a solution outlet (66). A mix pump (40) that is in fluid communication with the solution outlet (66), the powder outlet (22), and the recirculation inlet (64) operates to mix and transfer the solution.
Isopure, Corp.
Kevin C. Gillespie, Zachary Patrick Ford, Guillermo J. Cohen Freue
11 047 304
Acoustic cores with sound-attenuating protuberances
An acoustic core has a plurality of cell walls formed of an additive-manufacturing material and a resonant space defined by the plurality of cell walls. At least some of the resonant cells have a multitude of sound-attenuating protuberances formed of the additive-manufacturing material of the cell walls protruding into the resonant space with a random or semi-random orientation and/or size. The sound-attenuating protuberances may be formed by orienting an additive-manufacturing tool with respect to a toolpath to form a contour of a workpart, in which the toolpath includes a plurality of overlapping toolpath passes configured so as to intentionally introduce an amount of additive-manufacturing material to the workpart that exceeds a domain occupied by the contour. As the amount of additive-manufacturing material intentionally introduced exceeds the domain occupied by the contour, a portion of the additive-manufacturing material may incidentally form the plurality of sound-attenuating protuberances.
General Electric Company
Shanmugam Murugappan, Robert William Davidoff, Graham Frank Howarth, Wendy Wenling Lin, Andrew Michael Roach
11 051 104
Acoustic device
An acoustic device to be mounted in a vehicle, the acoustic device including at least two speakers arranged before a front face of an occupant sitting in a seat to sandwich a center line of the seat and a control unit that controls characteristics of sound output from each of the speakers such that a stereophonic sound image produced by sounds output from the at least two speakers is maintained. The at least two speakers are installed on a steering wheel of the vehicle.
Takeyoshi Mori, Tatsushi Katsuyama, Masanori Kosugi, Takashi Nagao
11 050 412
Acoustic filter using acoustic coupling
A filter circuit includes a first input node and a second input node for receiving an input signal, and a first output node and a second output node for providing an output signal. A first series acoustic resonator is coupled in series between the first input node and the first output node. At least one coupled resonator filter (CRF) includes first and second transducers, which may be acoustically coupled to one another. The first transducer has a first electrode coupled to the first input node, a second electrode coupled to the second input node, and a first piezoelectric layer between the first electrode and the second electrode. A second transducer has a third electrode coupled to the first output node, a fourth electrode coupled to the second output node, and a second piezoelectric layer between the third electrode and the fourth electrode.
Qorvo US, Inc.
Robert Aigner, Nadim Khlat
11 048 902
Acoustic imaging system architecture
An acoustic imaging system includes multiple transducers disposed to circumscribe a portion of substrate. An acoustic imaging system also includes a controller and an image resolver. The transducers convert electrical signals into mechanical energy and/or mechanical energy into electrical signals. The controller is adapted to apply an electrical signal to the transducers which, in response, induce a mechanical wave, such as a surface wave, into the circumscribed portion. The controller is also adapted to receive electrical signals from the transducers. The image resolver uses the electrical signals received by the controller in order to construct an image of an object in physical contact with the substrate.
Appple Inc.
Brian Michael King, Mohammad Yeke Yazdandoost, Marcus Yip, Ehsan Khajeh, Giovanni Gozzini, Henry H. Yang, Marduke Yousefpor, Aaron Tucker
11 047 308
Acoustic panel for thrust reversers
An acoustic panel includes a base, a cantilevered portion, a gap, and a support member. The base has a surface defining a plurality of cavities configured to attenuate noise from an engine. The cantilevered portion extends from the base and is configured to be removably coupled with a portion of a transcowl. The gap is defined by the base and the cantilevered portion. The support member is coupled to the cantilevered portion and the base, and the supporting member is configured to support the cantilevered portion.
Taurus L. Brackett, II, Brian L. Riedel, Alexandre D. Curaudeau
11 050 409
Acoustic resonator and acoustic resonator filter
An acoustic resonator includes: an upper electrode including a first active region disposed on an upper portion of a piezoelectric layer, and a first extended region extended from the first active region; a lower electrode including a second active region disposed on a lower portion of the piezoelectric layer, and a second extended region extended from the second active region; a first metal layer including a first resistance reduction region disposed on the first extended region; and a second metal layer including a second resistance reduction region disposed on the second extended region. The first metal layer includes a first conductive link region extended from the first resistance reduction region. The second metal layer includes a second conductive link region extended from the second resistance reduction region. The first and second conductive link regions correspond to respective portions of a side boundary of the first and second active regions.
Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd.
Nam Jung Lee, Tah Joon Park, Yoon Sok Park, Won Kyu Jeung, Dong Hoe Kim
11 049 483
Acoustic sensor having a housing and a diaphragm element situated on this housing
An acoustic sensor, including a carrier element, a diaphragm element, which is situated on a first side of the carrier element, and an electroacoustic transducer, which is situated on a side of the diaphragm element facing the carrier element and is configured to induce at least a region of the diaphragm element to vibrate; at at least an edge region, the diaphragm element having a retaining region, which extends in the direction of the carrier element and embraces a subregion of the carrier element.
Robert Bosch GmbH
Matthias Karl
11 050 408
Acoustic wave device
An acoustic wave device includes: a first substrate that has a first surface and a second surface, the second surface being an opposite surface of the first substrate from the first surface; an acoustic wave element that is located on the first surface; a wiring portion that electrically connects the acoustic wave element and a metal portion through a through hole, the metal portion being located on the second surface, the through hole penetrating through the first substrate; and a sealing portion that is located on the first surface so as to surround the acoustic wave element, overlaps with at least a part of the through hole in plan view, and seals the acoustic wave element in an air gap.
Takuma Kuroyanagi, Naoki Kakita, Kazushige Hatakeyama
11 046 107
Actinic radiation cured polyurethane coating for decorative surface coverings
The present invention is related to decorative surface coverings, in particular floor or wall coverings, exhibiting low VOC emission, comprising one or more adjacent plasticized polyvinyl chloride layers and a polyurethane top-layer, said top-layer being obtained from the actinic irradiation of an aqueous ethylenically unsaturated polyurethane dispersion after evaporation of the water part. The decorative surface coverings comprise a mechanical embossed textured and/or patterned structure.
Tarkett GDL S.A.
Richard Peres, Diego Gourdin, Jean-Yves Simon, Dominique Robert
11 048 924
Action-estimating device
[Problem]To provide an action-estimating device which is capable of estimating an action of a subject appearing in a plurality of time-series images with high precision.[Solution]Provided is an action-estimating device 1 comprising: an estimating-side obtaining unit 12 for obtaining a plurality of time-series images Y in which a subject Z appears; an estimating-side detecting unit 13 for detecting a plurality of articulations A appearing in each time-series image Y; an estimating-side measuring unit 14 for measuring coordinates of the detected plurality of articulations A in each time-series image Y; an estimating unit 15 for estimating an action of the subject Z based on displacement of the coordinates of the measured plurality of articulations A in the plurality of time-series images Y; and a storing unit 3 for storing a plurality of choices of the action to be estimated. The estimating-side detecting unit 13 further detects a background appeared in each time-series image Y. In order to estimate the action of the subject Z, the estimating unit 15 calculates a probability of each of the plurality of choices based on the displacement of the coordinates of the measured plurality of articulations A in the plurality of time-series images Y, and corrects the calculated probability of each of the plurality of choices based on the detected background.
Daisuke Kimura
11 048 973
Action classification using aggregated background subtraction images
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for classifying actions of an object. The methods, systems, and apparatus include actions of: obtaining frames of video including an object of interest; determining a type of action of the object in each of the frames of video; determining a group of frames from the frames of video based on the type of action; determining an aggregated background subtraction (ABS) image based on adjacent frames of the group of frames; generating a training set that includes labeled ABS images including the ABS image; and training an action classifier using the training set.
ObjectVideo Labs, LLC
Achyut Boggaram, Allison Beach, Narayanan Ramanathan
11 050 700
Action response selection based on communication message analysis
Methods, systems, and devices for analyzing communication messages (e.g., emails) and selecting corresponding actions are described. In some database systems, a user may receive multiple messages at a user device. To efficiently determine responses to these messages, the user device may send the messages to a backend server for analysis. The server may perform natural language processing (NLP) to classify the message with one or more binary classifications and may extract metadata from each message. Based on the classifications and the metadata, the server may determine one or more actions the user device may perform to respond to each message. The server may send instructions to the user device indicating the suggested actions, and the user device may display these actions as options to a user. Additionally, the user device may use the classifications and metadata to automatically generate one or more communication templates in response to the message.
B2, inc.
Alexis Roos, Joseph Gerald Keller, Rohit Deshpande, Bhaskar Garg, Janelle Wen Hui Teng, Wenhao Liu, Noah William Burbank, William Christopher Fama Roller, Percy Dara Mehta, Ascander Dost, Shuvajit Das, Wing Hing Ku, Alex Michael Noe, Nelson Esteban Acevedo, Xu Yang, Robert Christopher Ames, Madeleine Mary Gill, Abraham Dio Suharli, Madhav Vaidyanathan, Sammy Adnan Nammari, Sandeep Raju Prabhakar, Oliver Qian Tang, Shardul Vikram
11 045 676
Activated carbon supported Ni0Fe0 nanoparticles for reductive transformation of perfluoroalkyl-containing compounds
The present application relates to a novel method for reductive degradation of perfluoroalkyl-containing compounds, such as perfluoroalkyl sulfonates, by activated carbon (AC) supported zero valent iron-nickel nanoparticles (nNi0Fe0).
Purdue Research Foundation
Jenny E Zenobio, Linda S Lee
11 046 683
Activator of TREK (TWIK RElated K+ channels) channels
Disclosed is a compound of formula (I):
Yoko Sekioka, Craig W Lindsley, Takahiro Mori, Yuzo Iwaki, Haruto Kurata, Jerod S. Denton, Kentaro Yashiro, Joshua M. Wieting, Kevin M. McGowan
11 046 647
Activators of the unfolded protein response
A set of small molecules ERα biomodulators that kill therapy-resistant ERα positive breast, ovarian, and endometrial cancer cells. These small molecules have increased therapeutic potential because of an increased ability to kill therapy-resistant breast cancer cells compared to BHPI and other conventional therapies (endocrine therapies, tamoxifen and fulvestrant/ICI). The new compounds do not only inhibit proliferation of the cancer cells but actually kills them, which prevents reactivation of tumors years later.
The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois
Matthew W. Boudreau, Paul J. Hergenrother, David J. Shapiro
11 050 241
Active current injection through a fuse for an electric mobile application
A system includes a vehicle including a power distribution unit comprising a current protection circuit disposed in a motive electrical power path with a thermal fuse and a contactor in a series arrangement; a current source circuit electrically coupled to the thermal fuse to determine that a load power throughput is low, and to inject a current across the thermal fuse in response to the load power throughput being low; a voltage determination circuit electrically coupled to the thermal fuse to determine an injected voltage amount and/or a thermal fuse impedance value; where the power distribution unit further includes a plurality of fuses, and where the current source circuit is structured to inject the current across each fuse in a selected sequence; and where the current source circuit injects the current across a first and second fuse of the plurality of fuses at a first shutdown event.
Eaton Intelligent Power Limited
Brandon William Fisher
11 048 979
Active learning loop-based data labeling service
Techniques for active learning-based data labeling are described. An active learning-based data labeling service enables a user to build and manage large, high accuracy datasets for use in various machine learning systems. Machine learning may be used to automate annotation and management of the datasets, increasing efficiency of labeling tasks and reducing the time required to perform labeling. Embodiments utilize active learning techniques to reduce the amount of a dataset that requires manual labeling. As subsets of the dataset are labeled, this label data is used to train a model which can then identify additional objects in the dataset without manual intervention. The process may continue iteratively until the model converges. This enables a dataset to be labeled without requiring each item in the dataset to be individually and manually labeled by human labelers.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.
Pietro Perona, Siddharth Joshi, Sankalp Srivastava, Sindhu Chejerla, Rahul Sharma, Fedor Zhdanov
11 048 925
Active marker device for performance capture
A performance capture system is provided to detect one or more active marker units in a live action scene. Active marker units emanate at least one wavelength of light that is captured by the performance capture system and used to detect the active markers in the scene. The system detects the presence of the light as a light patch in a capture frames and determines if the light patch represents light from an active marker unit. In some implementations, various active markers in a scene may emanate different wavelengths of light. For example, wavelengths of light from multi-emitting active marker units may be changed due to various conditions in the scene.
Dejan Momcilovic, Jake Botting
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Active matrix substrate and display device
An active matrix substrate includes a plurality of signal lines, each of which includes first and second line portions and an inner connection portion (connection portion) that connects the first and second line portions. The first and second line portions of one of two adjacent signal lines are made of first and second conductive layers, respectively, and the first and second line portions of the other of the two adjacent signal lines are made of second and first conductive layers, respectively. The position of the connection portion of each of the signal lines is determined in accordance with the layout position of that signal line in the line region.
Yohsuke Fujikawa
11 050 482
Active repeater device shared by multiple service providers to facilitate communication with customer premises equipment
An active repeater device including a first antenna array, a controller, and one or more secondary sectors receives or transmits a first beam of input RF signals from or to, respectively, a first base station operated by a first service provider and a second beam of input RF signals from or to, respectively, a second base station operated by a second service provider. A controller assigns a first beam setting to a first group of customer premises equipment (CPEs) and a second beam setting to a second group of CPEs, based on one or more corresponding signal parameters associated with the each corresponding group of CPEs. A second antenna array of the second RH unit concurrently transmits or received a first beam of output RF signals to or from the first group of CPEs and a second beam of output RF signals to the second group of CPEs.
Ahmadreza Rofougaran, Maryam Rofougaran, Stephen Wu, Donghyup Shin, Kartik Sridharan, Michael Boers, Seunghwan Yoon, Sam Gharavi, Farid Shirinfar