Research Electro-Optics
Optics - Assemblies - Laser Products REO, an Excelitas Technologies Company, sets today’s standards for precision in optical components and assemblies with solutions that are engineered for superior reliability, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Incorporating ion beam sputtered thin films, superpolished substrates and precision assembly technologies, our products provide the ultimate in low loss and high quality. We are the partner you can depend on, now and in the future, to deliver unmatched performance and value. High performance in an optical system starts with the right components and thin film coatings, and REO’s optics offer the best available performance in optical loss, spectral accuracy, wavefront integrity, durability, environmental stability, and laser damage resistance. Mirrors, lenses, prisms, beamsplitters, polarizers, and filters are just a few examples of the types of components that REO provides for a wide range of applications. Building upon superior component technology, REO integrates mechanical and electronic components with precision alignment to provide complete optical assemblies. From simple mounted optics to custom lens cells to complete instrumentation benches, REO provides the total solution for building to your print or designing to your concept. The result is total quality, total reliability, and a simplified supply chain. REO’s experience and flexible manufacturing structure makes us uniquely suited to supply Helium-Neon lasers for performance-critical applications. Only REO manufactures its own laser mirrors in-house, which results in superior output power and laser lifetime. Our stabilized laser product provides an ideal solution for laser-based instrumentation and metrology applications requiring long coherence length or high amplitude stability. REO also offers design-to-concept or build-to-print OEM Laser Assembly solutions for instrumentation or process tool applications requiring customized laser technology.

Founded Date: 1994

Headquarter: Boulder, Colorado

Industry: Manufacturing

Company Type: Privately Held

Employees: 84