Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics
The Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics explores the creation of novel materials and devices, and systems of devices that could allow for innovative technologies, particularly those that could enable advanced, highly energy-efficient, computing and memory-storage technologies. These include bio-inspired materials and thinking systems, and materials and devices that can support quantum technologies. The Institute has been entirely rebuilt over the past 3 years with modernized offices, meeting rooms, and laboratories and a state-of-the art clean-room, and RBS facility, that are designed to encourage interactions and interdisciplinary research. The Institute is comprised of four independent departments which are closely coupled to one another. The institute has openings for outstanding Ph.D. students, post-doctoral researchers, student interns, technicians and engineers. Current scientific projects include within the Nano-systems from ions, spins and electrons department (Director: Stuart Parkin): spintronics, spin-orbitronics, chiraltronics, non-collinear spin textures, Racetrack Memory, atomically engineered thin film materials, topological materials, the electric field induced transformation of the structure and electronic properties of thin films to create complex three-dimensional meso-structures from the film’s surface. The Nanophotonics, Integration, and Neural Technology department (Director: Joyce Poon) focuses on multi-technology implantable devices that stimulate and record neurons, and integrated photonic devices for 3D micro- displays. The Theory department (Director: Andrei Bernevig) is focused on understanding the fundamental principles that can be used to distinguish and identify materials with topological and quantum properties. Current projects include: classifying all known non-magnetic and, in the future, magnetic materials that may be topological; identifying heterostructures that have unique “twistronic” properties.

Founded Date: 1992

Headquarter: Halle (Saale), Sachen-Anhalt

Industry: Research

Company Type: Nonprofit

Employees: 75