Khomp is a Brazilian company, based in Santa Catarina, which provides leading edge technology for the development of convergence solutions between computer and telephony, in the most demanding scenarios of reliability and high performance. Khomp products are developed by a highly qualified team of professionals who also follows the development of their partners and customers and create new solutions for their growth. Reputable in the national market, Khomp began its international journey and now has regional offices in the cities of Buenos Aires, Argentina; Medellin, Colombia; Mexico City, Mexico; and Miami, Florida. Dedicated to the development of innovative products always, Khomp presents a complete portfolio for the markets of Telephony Operators, Call Centers, Telephony Solutions Integrators, and more recently including Security, Automation and Access Control equipment to serve Small Businesses and Commercial and Residential Condos.

Founded Date: 1996

Headquarter: Florianópolis, SC

Industry: Information Technology

Company Type: Privately Held

Employees: 224