FCMG (Favela Clássica Music Group)
FCMG (acronym for Favela Clássica Music Group) is a record label publisher founded in Luanda, Angola on January 8, 2016 by Angolan rapper Pedro Fernando (also founder of the Coca Overdose Kaizen Entertainment music label). The name of the label originated from their duo Favela Clássica Music Group. FCMG is a record company that specializes in the manufacture, development, distribution and promotion of multimedia recordings. It currently distributes its records through Soundrop and ONErpm. The label specializes in various music genres, the most notable being Hip-Hop, Trap music, Contemporary R&B, Drill music and Lo-fi music. He currently works mainly with hip-hop music. Initially, the label released only the songs of the musical group Favela Classica and artist Pedro Fernando. The first release of the record label FCMG was rapper Pedro Fernando's "Golden God"​ (EP) album. Since then, the label has also started releasing several albums. FCMG currently represents a diverse group of artists. FCMG's mission is the full development of each artist and each release with sufficient time and attention. The current artists under contract from the publisher are Favela Clássica, Big Clã Rappers, Fellas Lo-fi, Team Vieg Yuro, Tropa da Neve, Invictoz, among others. FCMG is known for revealing hip-hop and Contemporary R&B singers. The label is also known as Favela Clássica Music Group, FCMG Entertainment, FCMG Ent., FCMG, Inc. and FCMG Distribution. Its subsidiaries are Coca Overdose Kaizen Entertainment, founded in 2013, B.C Rappers, founded in 2015, Dreamh Record, founded in 2008, TVY Entertainment, founded in 2018, TDN Entertainment, founded in 2019 and Lo-fi, founded in 2019.

Founded Date: 2016

Headquarter: Luanda, Golfe

Industry: Music

Company Type: Public Company

Employees: 4