Alt FineCom Finishing-eCommerce-Logistics GmbH
FineCom is a modern Family Business that has developed since 1954 from a Laundry into a Specialist for Textile Logistics in eCommerce. Today we are one of the leading Service Providers in Textile Logistics & eCommerce Fulfillment. Our tailor-made & seamless Service along the Textile Supply Chain includes ● Logistics ● eCommerce Fulfillment ● Textile Finishing ● Value Added Services ● Return Management ● Refurbishing in our Clothing Clinic ... and much more! Your Fashion in experienced hands: Our highly qualified Team at three modern Locations won´t miss a thing: whether tight Quality Control and Quality Assurance or comprehensive Sewing and Finishing Services. Your Fashion arrives immaculately and quickly at the Customer.

Founded Date: 1991

Headquarter: Plattling

Industry: Logistics and Supply Chain

Company Type: Self-Employed

Employees: 21